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Ceiling Speakers

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In-Ceiling Speakers

For a minimal style, In-Ceiling speakers provide almost invisible audio without compromising on the sound quality. The most visually discreet speaker system, providing an abundance of design possibilities for interior designers and architects flush fit or discreet, trimless retrofit. Round and square options are on offer, while further choice is provided by the option of ceiling mounting.

Monitor Audio

Cinema and Lounge

Floor Standing Speakers

Floor standing speakers tend to be praised for their versatility as they can be ideal for many different forms of entertainment. For example, floor standing speakers are suited for use while listening to music, watching movies or TV, playing video games, and much more.

Klipsch Floor Standing Speakers
Klipsch In-Wall Speakers

Wired Speakers

In-Wall Speakers

In-wall speakers are rectangular-shaped speakers that are placed on the inside of your walls. They can serve as your left and right speaker channels, as additional front and rear speakers, or as continuous sound throughout multiple rooms. In-wall speakers are ideal for a clean design which contributes to not being eye-catching.

Cinema Room​

Home theaters, design details and speaker options.

Bass Speaker


It could be said your home sound system is only as good as its subwoofer. Without the right sub, you are missing a key part of your favorite music and movies – the explosive, resonating bass.