Networking and WiFi

WiFi Solutions

Wi-Fi solutions

Wireless or hard wired

We provide enterprise grade networking to deliver a strong and reliable network, whether it be wirelessly or hard wired within your smart home. You’ll have the ability to connect as many smart devices as you need to, without having to worry about delays or drop outs.

There’s nothing worse than having slow, unreliable internet. Having reliable and fast Wi-Fi and internet will ensure an enjoyable smart experience for the entire family.

Best Performance

Data Networks

Our Data Networks solutions will ensure you get the best performance even when connecting hundreds of smart devices within your home.

The structure of a good network starts with the wiring. At AVH Solutions, we design, specify and install smart wiring and networking cabling to fit within your lifestyle. We’ll ensure your home is not only able to support current technology, but also future smart technology.

Networking Equipment


Reliable Systems

Available in 5-, 8-, 16- and 24-port options, and with focused feature sets, Araknis switches support a wide range of networking needs. All products are OvrC-enabled, with Unmanaged+, Websmart, Managed, and both Partial- and Full PoE+ options.

Router Switch Equipment

Wireless Accesspoints

Strong Signals

Thoroughly tested and WiFi™ certified, these Access points provide impeccable speed, coverage and reliability. Their dynamic, sleek look fits into any location with ease, while Fast Roaming allows for a seamless signal transition on multi-WAP installs.

Wireless Access Point


Quick Connections

Our 300-series routers include 4-gigabit LANs that can be configured to load-balancing or failover modes through WANs, extensive VPN support, plus an embedded firewall for network security. This device can be managed remotely with OvrC.