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AVH Solutions is an SAQCC (South African Qualification & Certification Committee for the Fire Industry) trained and certified company ready to tackle domestic residential gas installations and perform gas maintenance. All residential dwellings require a COC (Certificate of Compliance) if sold or purchase when gas appliances are permanently installed.

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Gas Installation Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

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Gas Certificate

If your home has gas appliances fitted, you’re going to need a a Gas Certificate of Compliance (CoC) in order to comply with the Pressure Equipment Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act.

A registered LP Gas installer must certifying that your gas installation is found to be compliant with the regulations as they stand. Contact us to setup an appointment to assist you.

If any physical part of the gas installation is changed or a gas appliance is changed.

We recommend once a year, it is very responsible to make sure your appliances are kept safe.

There is no such thing, a full assessment and pressure tests must be done to check for leaks this is for your safety.

A Gas Certificate of Compliance must be issued when there is a change of ownership by a registered gas installer.

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