Gas Installations

Gas Appliances

Stoves and Hobs

These gas installations have become very popular in South Africa as an electric stove/hob replacement  due to the rise of electricity rates and unreliable electricity supply.

Gas Oven

Electric cooktops emit more heat than those powered by gas, generating excess heat in your home. Gas cooktops not only keep your home cooler when they’re on but as soon as you turn them off the flame is extinguished

With a simple turn of the dial, the flame gets bigger or smaller so that the change in heat is immediate and precise.

Gas cooktops may be more expensive to buy and install but long-term outlay will be lower as the costs of operating electric models are noticeably higher.

Gas cooktops are far more environmentally friendly than electric ones as gas exhaust products are cleaner than the coal burned to generate electricity.

Gas Geyser

Gas Geysers

Conserve Power

Hot water on demand, Paloma and Rinnai 20L and 26L gas geysers have been tried and tested on the North Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Quality gas products offering temperature control, reliability and low power consumption prefect for solar systems.

Paloma units heat water by passing cold water through a Copper Heat Exchanger. This heat exchanger is manufactured from very high-quality copper. Copper is used due to its properties of having a very high heat conductivity and physical strength.

Gas Geysers are very cost and energy efficient because they only use gas when hot water is actually being used.

Gas Complaince

Gas safety first, get an annual service.

Registered LP Gas Installer

Sell or Buying Property

Gas Certificate

If your home has gas appliances fitted, you’re going to need a a Gas Certificate of Compliance (CoC) in order to comply with the Pressure Equipment Regulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act.

A registered LP Gas installer must certifying that your gas installation is found to be compliant with the regulations as they stand. Contact us to setup an appointment to assist you.

Gas Installation Certificate of Compliance (CoC)

If any physical part of the gas installation is changed or a gas appliance is changed.

We recommend once a year, it is very responsible to make sure your appliances are kept safe.

There is no such thing, a full assessment and pressure tests must be done to check for leaks this is for your safety.

A Gas Certificate of Compliance must be issued when there is a change of ownership by a registered gas installer.